Flat battery syndrome

To all our friends out there living the dream and travelling Australia, with the heatwave we are having Australia wide, perhaps you are awaiting winter for that trip.You can access Motorhome Seats on your mobile as the web site is Mobile friendly.Flat battery syndrome should be thing of the past.Leaving on the deep freeze or the fridge using 12 volt supply in your Motorhome.Carrying a battery start up pack is way to go.

Small, convenient and simple to use, they come in 12volt or diesel and will allow you to start vehicle at any time.

The good quality ones even come with attachment phone chargers!  Remember quality is onetime purchase so carefully select the product.

If you have a pet companion travelling with you, don't forget to keep a close eye on them too, to insure everyone has a comfortable trip. Plenty of fresh water should be made available.

Feeling the bumps a little more while travelling?

Rest assured roads do not seem to be getting any better. Perhaps it's time to revisit replacing the driver and passenger seats.With lots of coaches having large front windows, sunlight can be a problem on your seats. Consider Windscreen Curtains to use when parked at the camping grounds.