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All of our seats and components comply with the Australia standards set out in the VSB 5A regulations.


Q: Do I need a seatbelt if my current seat already has a seatbelt.

A: To meet Australian Design Rule ADR4 & 5, Where a seat belt comes out a seatbelt must go in.


Q: Are these seats in Leather.

A: our seats are made of a Ultra Leather, a man made product that has proven to be much more durable than regular leather.  


Q:Do these seats come with armrests?

A: Most of our Motorhome seats come standard with both armrests.


Q: what colour do these seats come in?

A: Black and cream


Q: trying to change a bench seat to a single seat what do I need to know.

A You will need an engineers certificate for this type of modification.


Q: Do you fit these seats?

A: only if no modification is needed to the floor. 


Q: If I have a new seat with a seat belt attached to the chair, do I need to recertify it?

A: If you are replacing or adding a new seat, you need to have it certified.


Q: If I want to modify my motorhome and add or take out seats, what do I do?

A: Before you start modifying your motorhome, get a certified engineer involved.  They will advise you what modifications will make your vehicle compliant with the VSB 5A standards.


Q: I've made modifications to my motorhome, and instead of seating 4 people it now seats 6.  Do I need to do anything else?

A: Yes.  Your VIN needs to reflect the maximum number of passengers your vehicle is legally allowed to hold.  If your vehicle says it holds a maximum of 4 passengers but you've made modifications and it now holds a maximum of 6 passengers, you need to update your VIN details. 


Q: Where can I find a local certified engineer?

A: Call the Department of Transport and Main Roads, they will be able to inform you of all the local engineers in your area.


Q: Can I still buy seats/components for my motorhome from an online store?

A: Yes, providing the item you are buying has been certified and passes the Australian standards (VSB 5A).


Q: Can you build any custom seats for my motorhome?

A: We can custom make a wall hugger for your motorhome (the standard size is 6 foot).


Q: What rules apply with my motorhome?

A: All the normal rules when you are in a car, are exactly the same as when you are in a motorhome. Example: wearing a seat belt.


Q: I want to turn my wall hugger into a seat, do you supply the seat belts for that?

A: Yes we do, they are called lap seat belts and can be installed onto a wall hugger sofa.  Once we have installed it, you will need to update your VIN details to accomodate the extra number of passengers your vehcile can now hold.


Q: I want to modify my vehicle to have a lounge, what side of my motorhome do I put it on?

A: When installing a lounge, the right side is the best side due to the camber of Australian roads.

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