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Motorhome Seats Parts and Accessories

Arm rests:

Motorhome Seats stock a range of aftermarket arm rests that can be fitted to a wide range of RVs. By installing an arm rest in the cabin of your motorhome, you and your passengers will be more comfortable while driving. Our range of ergonomically designed arm rests can be installed to suit your needs.

Remanufactured suspension:

Ride the bumps smoothly by having suspension installed under your chairs. Motorhome Seats specialises in remanufacturing suspension to ensure you are getting value for money and your safety is not compromised.

Turntable swivel:

Chairs on turntables maximises space in your home away from home. No longer will you be limited to having chairs facing the front by using a turntable. Motorhome Seats supply a range of turntables that can be fitted as an aftermarket product into your RV to enhance your living area. Every turntable stocked and supplied by Motorhome Seats adheres to strict safety standards to ensure that everyone is safe while driving.


If the furniture in your RV needs a bit of a facelift, go no further than Motorhome Seats. From lounges to observer seats, Motorhome Seats stock a wide range of aftermarket replacement seats to keep you and your guests comfortable in camp. Designed for the traveller’s ultimate comfort, you can also choose between an assortment of colours to match your décor.



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