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All of our seats and components comply with the Australia standards set out in the VSB 5A regulations.


In order to meet strict Australian design rules (ADR4 &5), whenever a seat belt is removed, a seatbelt must go in.

Our seats are made from Ultra Leather, a man made product that has proven to be more durable than regular leather

Majority of our motorhome seats come standard with armrests, the description will dictate otherwise.

Majority of our seats are only available in Black and Cream, however the description might dictate otherwise.

An engineer certification is required for this type of modification.

Only if no modification to the floor is required.

If you are replacing or placing a new seat, you are required to have the appropriate qualification.

Before you can begin modifying your motorhome, you'll need a certified engineer. They will advise you on what modifications are compliant with the VSB5A standards.

Your VIN number needs to reflect the maximum number of passengers your vehicle is legally allowed to hold. If your vehicle claims to hold a maximum of 4 passengers but you've made modifications that allow you to hold 6 passengers, you must update your VIN details.

Contact the Department of Transport and Main Roads, they will be able to provide you with a list of all the local engineers in your area.

Yes, provided the item you purchase has been certified and passes Australian standards (VSB5A).

We can custom make a wall hugger for your motorhome (standard size is 6 feet).

All the normal rules that apply when you drive a car, apply when you are in a motorhome. E.g. wearing a seat belt.

Yes we do. These are called lap seat belts. Once these have been installed, you will need to update your VIN details to accomodate the extra number of passengers your vehicle can now hold.

When installing a lounge, the right side is the best side due to the camber of Australian roads.