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Types of Seat Belts Offered through Seats R Us

Seats R Us offer two different types of seat belts: lap belts and three-point seat belts. Several variations are available depending on the seat colour, brand, and model. Did you know that seat belts aren't just compulsory for motor vehicles? According to Australian regulations, seat belts are required for forklifts, industrial vehicles, defense vehicles, and off road vehicles.

Lap Belts

A lap belt is a type of seat belt that goes over your waist. We offer automatic locking retractor (ALR) Forklift Seat Belts, which we recommend for the safe operation of tractors, bob cats, scrapers, and forklifts.

Why do Forklifts need seat belts?

Based on a study undertaken on forklift accidents, majority of accidents occurred to operators that weren't wearing a safety harness. One particular incident involved the death of an operator that took a sharp turn, overturned the forklift, fell out of his seat and was pinned underneath the forklift. Authorities disclosed this death would have been avoided if the operator had been wearing a safety harness. This very reason is why we sell ALR forklift seat belts, as this assures the safety of forklift operators.

Lap Belts for sale

Automatic Locking Retractor Lap Belt (ALR)

The functionality of the ALR ensures the seat belt won't lengthen any further than the desired length but will retract, to ensure a snug fit. This safety harness comes in two colours: fluro and black. The fluro colouring makes it easily distinguishable whether the operator is wearing a seat belt or not.

Aircraft Style Lap Belt

This 50mm off road seat belt is available in stainless steel or fabric. Recommended for use in off road applications and earth moving vehicles due to how easily dirt and debris can be removed from the buckle.

Grammer 902131 Lap Belt

This 50mm seat belt comes with a locking lever that automatically adjusts the length in accordance with the operators/drivers waist girth

Retractable Off Road Lap Belt

This 75mm seat belt comes with a switch on buckle indicator.

Three Point Seat Belts

Three point seat belts have three points of attachments. They are a combination of the sash and lap seat belt, which is the usual type of safety belt fitted into cars. Three point seat belts were first introduced by Volvo in the 1980s and have been applied by all car manufactures since. Just like with any invention, upgrades and innovations have lead to safer devices, such as the Belt in Seat (BIS). The BIS is a type of seat belt that makes use of the three point system however is attached to the seat rather than the vehicle. This innovation has greatly improved passenger safety, especially during collisions when the seat dislodges or catapults. 

Seats R Us offers the Australian made Hemco Australia brand - one of the largest and most trusted seat belt brand in Australia.